Extract fit statistics of lavaan objects

extract_fit(..., details = FALSE)



lavaan object(s)


Logical, if TRUE return all fit statistics. By default this is set to FALSE, a selection (chisq, npar, aic, bic, cfi, rmsea, srmr) of fit statistics is returned.


This function returns a tibble.


David Robinson and Alex Hayes (2019). broom: Convert Statistical Analysis Objects into Tidy Tibbles. R package version 0.5.2. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=broom.


# First create a lavaan object if (FALSE) { bi_lcsm_01 <- fit_bi_lcsm(data = data_bi_lcsm, var_x = names(data_bi_lcsm)[2:4], var_y = names(data_bi_lcsm)[12:14], model_x = list(alpha_constant = TRUE, beta = TRUE, phi = FALSE), model_y = list(alpha_constant = TRUE, beta = TRUE, phi = TRUE), coupling = list(delta_lag_xy = TRUE, xi_lag_yx = TRUE) ) # Now extract fit statistics extract_fit(bi_lcsm_01) }